Nowadays, erectile Dysfunction is a common problem faced by men. The causes can be anything starting from hectic work schedule to an unhealthy lifestyle. Besides, in a society where men’s issues are not talked openly, it becomes highly stressful even to accept this problem or think about it. But mostly, men under certain stress come across with this situation once or more than once in their life.

Also, erectile dysfunction can trigger different types of discomfort in the life of an individual suffering from it. Few of them are:

  1. Anxiety regarding performing sex.
  2. Low self-esteem related manhood or masculinity.
  3. Fear of rejection due to social stigma.
  4. Fear of failure in a relationship.
  5. Depression and isolation.

Such impacts can compromise with the productivity of an individual and can adversely affect functioning.

Best way to combat the distress:

  1. Do not keep it to yourself. Share with your partner and other family members regardless of any inhibition or hesitation. 
  2. Consult a medical professional(Doctor/psychologist) for best intervention.
  3. Do not depend on faith healers.
  4. Do not get influenced by online medicines or any sort of treatment packages without consulting a professional.
  5. Take a break from your hectic job for a while if it is too stressful.