To work for longer period of time, one needs to cut down on unhealthy habits. The most common mistake we make is sitting for long periods of time, without breaks and often without moving at all. But, you can adjust your workstation to match the principles used in larger, ergonomically-designed offices. 

To do so, observe the following rules:

1. Keep your knees, hips and elbows at 90-degree angles, as you sit. (Remember, 90/90/90.)

2. Move closer to your workstation to avoid eye strain.

3. Keep an arm’s length distance (i.e., about 20″ to 22″) between your eyes and the screen.

4. Make sure your screen, including laptop screens, are at eye level. Do not look up or down at them.

5. Do not get too comfortable. Sofas, beds, and recliners are awesome, but not for working on. Make sure you use a chair with proper back support.

6. Take breaks often. You should stretch and walk around for five minutes, after sitting for one hour. Consider taking a proper walk and hydrating your body with water or a soothing drink, such as lemon water or green tea.

7. Work on your posture. Sitting hunched will lead to shoulder and back pain.

8. Keep your back straight and comfortable at all times. Do not twist your spine.

9. Consider adding a back reset or use a rolled towel to support your lower back and help you sit with proper posture, especially if you often have pain in your lower back.

10. Relax your shoulders and keep them comfortable, try not to let stressful deadlines or phone calls cause them to creep up and stay locked up and tight.

11. Make your work environment comfortable, including adding a few personal touches. Working in a space that is cluttered and stressful will translate into the body positions you use.

12. If budget allows, invest in some proper ergonomically designed equipment to support you. You can consider purchasing items like footrests for shorter people and ergonomic keyboards or desks.

13. Listen to your body; if you find you are developing aches and pains in the body, it is time to take a break and rethink your posture. If you follow these simple steps, you will be surely have a comfortable and more efficient day.