Men suffering from premature ejaculation feel very devastated and irritated in life and so is their partner as well. This can adversely affect the sex life of a man. It is quite surprising to know that there is a considerable increase in the number of cases of premature ejaculation. It is very important to understand the reasons for such a problem and should take necessary measures so that they can get rid of the same. There are several underlying causes of this problem in men.

As per medical researches which are done by experts it was found that premature ejaculation can happen due to severe stress, depression, medical side effects and for several other reasons. If you are facing any of the above symptoms then chances are high that your premature ejaculation is happening because of that.

The problem of premature ejaculation can be classified into two categories. First one is life-long or primary and the other one is acquired or secondary. The reasons for premature ejaculation can be stated below. 

Ø Men with a severe psychological problem can have this problem. If he is suffering in life due to any sexual abuse, depression, anxiety or any other psychological reason then it can be one key factor behind premature ejaculation.

Ø Strict sexual education and upbringing can also be a critical reason behind this problem where a sense of hesitation at time of sex restricts to perform well. 

Ø It has also been noticed that due to problems in a marital relationship the couple may suffer from stress and disappointment. This can cause premature ejaculation and can be resolved with mutual discussion and stable relationship with the partner. 

Ø Medical condition of the body in many cases restricts the penis to remain erect for a longer period till climax. Patients of diabetes, thyroid and prostate disease many faces the problem of untimely ejaculation

 We recommend you to meet reputed sexologist for best guidance and treatment of this medical problem.