Many women these days find themselves trying to get pregnant at or after 35 years of age. Despite some challenges , most of them conceive and have a healthy baby. If you are 35 years or more and trying to become pregnant you should be aware of few facts before going ahead.

A knowledge of what to expect will not only help you in conceiving faster but will also help you in bearing a healthy pregnancy.


One should be aware of the fact that every woman is born with a finite number of eggs in her ovaries. As age increases the egg quantity as well as quality declines. So after the age of 32 years it becomes difficult to conceive due to defective ovulation. Ovulation kits and follicular monitoring may help in conceiving faster if ovulation is defective.


It is very important to see a gynaecologist before in the periconceptional period. This helps in proper counselling and planning of pregnancy. It also helps in screening for diseases like Thyroid disorders, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension etc which may affect your pregnancy if not known.

A detailed preconceptional counselling will also help you in conceiving faster and also your doctor will be able to help you in case of any issues that come up in the same.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important if you are trying to conceive at advanced maternal age. It not only helps is preventing lifestyle related diseases but it also helps in maintaining a healthy weight and improving egg quality. This has its benefits for a smooth pregnancy period.

Quitting smoking and alcohol is a healthy habit especially when trying to become pregnant.


Food rich in antioxidants like green tea, nuts, grapes, strawberries, blue berries, soyabean, chia seeds, flax seeds, etc. are very good as they help in improving your egg quality. 

Preconceptional Folic acid 400 ugm intake is important to prevent neural tube defects and helps in baby's brain development.


Your pregnancy will be considered as special (high risk) and you should be prepared for more frequent antenatal visits as well as few more tests as compared to others. Strict monitoring , maintaining healthy lifestyle, diet and nutrition is very important. 

Antenatal exercises are also important. There are more chances of medical complications of pregnancy like Gestational diabetes mellitus, Pregnancy induced hypertension, Hypothyroidism etc.

More chances of premature deliveries , IUGR  , PROM etc are there.

However if you are under the regular care of a gynaecologist these things can be taken care of easily and your pregnancy can be smooth.

After 35 years chances of cesarean section are also more as compared to normal vaginal delivery.

However if your antenatal period has been smooth, age is not a contraindication to try for vaginal delivery.

So the most important thing when trying to conceive at advanced maternal age is to seek help from a healthcare provider before planning and believe in yourself.

Positive thinking goes a long way.