During 30 years of medical practice I have seen very close association of body and mind. Lot of systems in the body ie digestion , BP, Blood sugar in a diabetic patients, are affected by moods and pattern of thinking in the person. In women,all the hormones related to menses and childbearing, are distinctly affected byemotions. Allopathic medicines deal mainly with biochemistry of the body, which is the end result of multiple factors including emotions, nutrition, environment ,physical activity and the genes inherited. Therefore though Allopathy gives excellent results in many diseases , it miserably fails to eradicate certain chronic diseases. So I started searching for complementary therapies. I have studied Pranayam and Meditation from medical point of view and found it extremely effective. Bach Flower Remedies are very useful in treating emotional problems without side effects.

Pranik healing is a form of Energy Healing with a very scientific basis. It is based on our ancient Upnishadas. But the technique is discovered by a Phillipine Personnamed “ Choa Kok Sui” It helps in clearing diseased energy in the body and replacing it with healthy ,healing energy. Our body functions with “Pranshakti” or“ Life Force Energy” . The very energy that makes the person alive and when itleaves the body , person is dead. This energy takes different forms for bodilyfunctions. Eg when we record ECG for heart health, we are taking a graph of electrical activity of heart. This means “Pranshakti” is acting as electrical energy . 

When we exercise , we generate heat. “Pranshakti” is now Heat. All the Hormones act through chemical reaction. So on and so forth.When the flow of Energy ( “Pranshakti”) is disturbed due to various reasons like infection, wrong food, negative emotions, lack of exercise, polluted environmentetc, Disease results. Technique of PRANIK HEALING, removes the diseased energy from body and replaces it with healthy, healing energy. This helps the body to eradicate the disease completely. This energy acts on body as well as mind . So Anxiety and Depression associated with any disease is also taken care of. 

This form of treatment does not involve medicines or surgery. It’s a NO TOUCH technic. It usually requires multiple sessions. No. of session will depend on the severity of disease and individual response to the HEALING. It is a complimentary therapy and can be used with any standard Pathy ie Allopathy, Ayurved, or Homeopathy.