A recent study has found that now on earth there are more overweight people than the underweight. Around 640 million people have fallen under the category of obese. According to a latest study 1 in 10 men and 1 in 7
women are obese. 

Across the globe now people have been more prone to diseases like diabetes, hypertension and also thyroid related disorders due to the pinpointing aetiology, Obesity. Obesity is now in a stage where it can be categorised to be an epidemic. 

Contrary to the above inferences still many developing countries in the world have got a high amount of people being underweight and in many cases malnourished. Let us see the simple example of our own country where 1/4th of the population is underweight. African countries many of which are very much underdeveloped have got upto 20% of the population being underweight.

According to the world bank, India has got one of the highest ranking in the amount of children suffering from malnutrition. Number of children in India is double of that of Africa. According to Global Hunger Index (GHI) India ranks 20th with a hunger situation. Having the fastest growing economy of the year  with a GDP of 7.6% according to the IMF( International Monetary Fund), India is still rated as a low income country and has a large amount of its population below the poverty line. 

Government is bringing up programmes so that many in the country get quality education with exemplary knowledge and skills. This will bring a lot of change into the society. Making people aware of the fact that how healthcare is important will also bring about the change. As we live in a country which has got a total of 70% of its population residing in rural areas, becomes difficult to educate people about mental and general health. Water sanitation also is very necessary for the individuals survival.

Now speaking again about obesity:

  • It has been found that Japan has the lowest BMI per capita in the developed countries.
  • USA tops the list with the highest number of people being obese.

India now is the fastest  growing economy and tomorrows world leader now needs to decide whether it wants its youth in the coming days to suffer with diseases like obesity and malnutrition or have a healthy life free of lifestyle diseases. It is now upon us to decide what we want our future generation to be.