Congratulation for delivering a miracle into the world. This is the day you waited for long 9 months. Enjoy every moment. Pregnancy is a serious and beautiful moment in any mother's life but can also be a nightmare for your post-pregnancy period. The belly is stretched and enlarged and boobs are overgrown. The extra body fat you have accumulated is not looking good. But please don’t be nervous. All pregnant women gain 5-18 kg depending on their pregnancy situation and the diet they followed during pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women overeat during pregnancy so relax. This is a journey and needs to be enjoyed. There is no need of jumping on a weighing scale, start aerobics, crunches and become hysterical. You have already undergone the stress of delivery and may be a c –section;  so wait until you are very sure of starting your weight loss program.

There are no words to describe the amount of pain a woman endures to deliver; so wait for the right timing before you commence the weight loss program. Ensure that you are in the right frame of mind, and physically and emotionally ready to start this journey. Post-delivery you may also undergo hormonal changes and therefore it is important to stabilize your emotions before you commence your weight loss program. Nonetheless, it is important to get going.  

Following are the key "interlinked" tips for the post-pregnancy weight loss regime:

#1 Go slow on Diet Plan 

Your baby’s brain and body development are in your hand, therefore, be very careful about the diet plan.  Reduce the calorie intake gradually and not suddenly. And don’t eat for "2" either. Generally, keep a 2000 calorie per day diet until your physician prescribes a change. Don't be too strict. Keep a practical & easy to follow a diet plan and not a very harsh and complicated one. 

#2 Tighten and Tone 

This requires a lot of hard work. There is a definite need for your body.  Muscles are costly but very important for you.During pregnancy, there is a tremendous loss of muscle mass. Start building your muscle mass just by doing household work and gentle exercise. The work your baby will generate for you is more than enough for starters. Add simple resistance training and a lot of pelvic floor exercises to tone your body.  

#3 Protein

Protein is mandatory. In every meal, ensure that you pick protein as the first bite-Oily fish, Soy, Beans, Yogurt, Milk, Cheese and Egg Whites. Don’t eat too much sugary food (Noodles, Pizza, cold drinks). The boost of energy should mainly come from protein. Sugary foods will spoil your complexion. 

#4 New Mom Hair and Skin Care

Delivery takes a heavy toll on your whole body including hair and skin. Your diet plan must include macronutrients, Micronutrients, water, and fibre.

#5 Breast Feed

Breastfeeding creates bonding between you and your child, takes away 300-600 calorie from you, reduces the risk of breast cancer, and increases your bone density. Breastfeeding creates minor pain because it helps put your uterus back into its shape, a process called involution. It is worth tolerating this ordeal.  

Breastfeeding works best when other tips are also being followed. 

#6 De-Stress

The post-pregnancy weight loss is a journey of 1-2 years. So don’t:- 

  1. Be sad and become hopeless.  
  2. Be under any stress while taking care of your baby.  
  3. Fall for Quick methods of weight loss. 
  4. Believe that there is a pill available to magically melt your excess fat.  

Don’t get discouraged. Stress will not let your body lose fat.

Be a proud MOM!

Simple Exercises will be a Good Strat