I love popcorns. As a doctor I have never experienced such joy as when I sit down with a bucket of popcorn, especially, after a long day with a cranky patient. 

The buttery lingering taste in the aftermath and the peaceful aroma that seems to drive every ounce of misery away. Oh..popcorn, oh popcorn, thou art so reckless, should have been Shakespeare's popular sonnet. Popcorn, I'm popping it!,  for McDonald's. The world taken over by evil alien Popcornians from Popcornia. Have I taken this too far, have I crossed the line? Perhaps, it's for the best we part ways, dear Popcorn, my Popcorn. 

Does anybody share this feeling of freedom with a popcorn as much as I do?

If so, reach out to me and we'll have a long discussion on the matter over a large bucket of popcorn and coke.