Placenta starts to develop as soon as implantation of fertilized egg has taken place.

Placenta secretes Beta HCG hormone which is specific to pregnancy, though high levels of this hormone has been detected in certain tumours.

Women in a hurry to know about their status of being pregnant need not wait for skipped period date & get urine test for pregnancy done.

Beta HCG hormone, secreted by placenta, makes it possible to detect it in the blood, much before the period is due.

High Levels of Beta HCG hormones present in the blood, secreted by placenta confirms pregnancy before periods are due & this is helpful to the anxious woman undergoing treatments for Infertility.

Urine test for pregnancy shows 2 lines - First line-Control and Second line is pink because of beta HCG, secreted by Placenta, passed in blood & secreted out by the urine.

After completion of 3 months of pregnancy, mother to be can see through Ultrasound, the umbilical cord, connected to the baby on one end & to the Placenta on the other end.

A growing up baby is gets its nourishment, oxygen & also positive vibes from the mother through Placenta. Placenta is responsible for removing carbon dioxide & other waste products also.

Baby is the guest & a mother looks forward to receiving this beloved guest after completion of 9 months. During this time, the Placenta is the caretaker developing along with the baby to meet rising demands of growth of the developing baby. Baby grows & so does Placenta.

Factors that can affect the health of the Placenta during pregnancy

  • Maternal age
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Twin or Multiple Pregnancies
  • Previous placenta problems
  • Previous Uterine Surgery

Placenta has its uses after delivery of the baby. It can be donated to a lab for making injections, creams & ointments where Placenta is used as a tissue.