There are numerous studies showing the relation between the length of a man’s penis and his self-esteem and self-confidence. The length of a man’s penis is directly proportional to his self-confidence and can affect the overall sense of self of a man. Thus, the bigger the size of a penis the better overall sense of self a man will have. Self-confidence directly affects a man’s performance during a sexual intercourse, if he has a low-self-esteem then he would get anxious and stressed out during an intercourse. The sexual activity, which is an otherwise pleasurable thing might then feel like a task. The person might start to lose interest in sexual activities all together which can affect his relationship with his significant other or sexual partners and can cause a lot of sexual frustration. 

Penis Enlargement procedures available and their truth

This correlation between the size of a penis and self-confidence is very well known and also very well-exploited. There are numerous therapies and medications available in the market promising penis enlargement with their continuous use. A lot of these claim to be “free of side effects” or Ayurvedic or homoeopathically inclined in their nature. There are pills, oils, ointments and believe it or not even instruments which claim to increase the size of a penis by 2-3 inches.

Now, a lay man seeking some boost in his overall sense of self might opt for these but it is very important to understand that it is not possible to increase the sizeof a penis by any medication, therapies or gels and oils. It can be done only by a plastic surgery procedure, which in itself is very dangerous and may subsequently lead to the complete removal of penis due to complications. It is crucially important to educate ourselves when it comes to sexual health. And if you think that your sexual performance is affecting your overall sense of self then you should go and seek medical help in terms of counselling and therapy.