Mr Raju (name changed) visited my clinic. He was young dynamic person who has just started his job after completing his college. 

He looked little confused & depressed."Doctor I have a girlfriend to whom I am going to marry.." he started narrating his story.

"We are in relationship for last 1 year & now a days we regularly indulge in intimacy but.." Mr. Raju took a deep long pause.

"Yes, please tell me further" I interfered."Last time when I had a sex with my girlfriend she said ..." Mr. Raju took another deep long pause.I can see depression on his face. His eyes were little watery.

"Raju be confident and please tell me what happened" I said. "She said my size is small.. I mean I never felt like it.. but .. & it was in my mind for past few days but I really don't know what to do.." Mr. Raju was now stammering. I gave him some time. 

He continued " Doctor I always felt it but I don't know what should I do, is there any way to increase the size of penis?". "Doctor please do something I am ashamed to go in front of her. Even though after that episode she never complained about it again but I can feel her dissatisfaction from her face .." Mr. Raju didn't allowed me to speak. 

It was like finally he spoke out what he wants to say.

I counselled him.We took his detailed case history about his daily schedule, his habits, past illness history and advised him 2 months of treatment which includes medicines, therapy, some exercises and some dietary changes.

Raju was quite happy to see some hopes. 

He was educated & did not want to waste his money on online penis enlargement scams. He wanted to be treated by a proper doctor rather than self medication.

He agreed to our advice. 

He took treatment therapy and followed the regimen religiously. 

His improvement started in first month itself. Within 2 months there was significant improvement in his penis size.

After 2 months when we took his follow-up he was on top of this world. 

His one sentence assured us about his improvement - "Doctor now the size difference is not only recognized by me but also by my partner & she is too very very happy..!"

It assured me about his improvement. 

Still he continues his exercises and diet to get more & more improvement.

- Vanad Clinic (Pune) 

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