PCOS is a syndrome which is very common, has very important consequences on reproductive and general health, and whose prevalence will almost certainly increase in the coming years. It has its origin right at puberty to adolescence. 

PCOS is the most common endocrine disturbance to affect women and it can vary as per age of a woman in the question. Though it is multifactorial, certainly there are ways to prevent it and intercept the vicious cycle so saving the patient from its acute and chronic impact both We see a rising trend in PCOS more so in developed countries.Medicine through advanced alone cannot curb this epidemic of disease. We need to spread more awareness related to the subject. What makes it more detectable may be- Due to more refined and accessible Ultrasound facilities even in the towns with wider experience of the clinicians. 

How to Prevent it?

  • Be more alert and keep a check on your lifestyle- food in abundance with a sedentary lifestyle can be a toxic combination blooming into Obesity resistant to any simple measures.
  • Avoid putting on more body weight such that standards of BMI (Body Mass Index) as per age and weight height are met.
  • Exercise daily, stay fit and eat healthy with less of carbohydrates.
  • Avoid accumulating layers of fat on your tummy as that’s the bad cholesterol which will do more harm.
  • Check out for the Insulin Resistance especially when you have a family history of diabetes.