Most of the people suffer from different kinds of pain because of various reasons. Most of the people also tend to ignore it and move on. It is not advisable to ignore pain because you don’t know if that is casual or something serious to pay attention to. Avoiding pain will only make it worse, so it is essential to manage and treat pain. 

What is pain management? 

As the name suggests, managing your pain in a way that either it is treated or relieved, is pain management. It is also a branch in medicine called Pain Medicine, which involves in-depth procedures and techniques to ease out the pain. 

What are the types of pain?

Majorly pain can be classified into two types, acute and chronic. Any pain that is short lived or short lasting comes under acute pain while, any pain that is long lasting or forever, comes under chronic pain. Chronic pain generally is the pain that lasts for 3 or more months. 

Based on, where, in the body, the pain is present, there are further three types. 


This type of pain is more like an exterior pain. Caused generally by the activation of receptors on the body surface or musculoskeletal tissues, it can be treated with proper rest and medication. Surgical pain comes under this type. 


Internal pain caused due to damage to the organs or tissues is known as visceral pain. This is not localized to just one body part. It might pain in different organs or body parts. 


Pain related to the spinal cord or peripheral nerves is called neuropathic pain. It generally occurs at the level or below the level of injury. 

How can you manage pain?

Managing acute pain is easier than chronic. You can involve in a healthy lifestyle and physiotherapy but for advanced management and care, there are pain hospitals that manage pain well. These healthcare facilities are established especially to diagnose and manage chronic pain. 

What are the kinds of pain that can be treated?

Various kinds of chronic pain can be treated in pain hospitals such as cancer pain, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, etc. What are the treatments available? There are various treatment procedures that are involved in treating pain. These can be simple and complex both. It truly depends on upon the kind of pain you are suffering from. Some pain needs just lifestyle modification and counseling to be treated while the others require more complex treatments. 

Treatments like X-Ray guided injections, intrathecal pump implants, radiation therapy, Botox therapy and Platelet rich plasma therapy are some from a several more. These treatments can be very effective when performed by experts.