Obesity is a rising concern all over the world. But now the problem has deepened as it is not only adults who suffer from it. Obesity is gripping children of young age and it is really getting difficult to control it. 

Obesity is a condition in which a child gains much more weight than is naturally viable for his age and height. Childhood obesity is as dangerous as that in adults and can lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure issues, says our paediatrician Dr. Neha Bansal. Not to mention that it travels through adulthood if not treated on time.

The most common reasons for obesity in children are because of:

  • Genetic factors
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Continuous consummation of junk and fried food
  • Psychological factors
  • Selected medications
  • Hormonal problems (In rare cases in Children)

To get rid of obesity, the first step is to identify the reason for it. To do so, you need to consult an experienced child doctor and share your child’s case history with them. The earlier you start treatment for it, the better.