The key to graceful ageing is a youthful skin, healthy heart and a fit body. No, these are not really three different things that need to be achieved. All of these are related and once you start following a healthy lifestyle, everything falls into a pattern and the body starts changing in an orderly manner. The organs start working perfectly, thereby improving metabolism, skin, energy etc. 

In this article, we will particularly focus on the nutrients that we should consume and the ones that we should avoid in order to defy ageing. While we talk about proper nutrition for a perfectly healthy body and beautiful complexion, it is essential to know about the food that we need to eat and the ones we should avoid. In order to maintain a youthful body, both inside and outside, it is essential to curb food items containing insulin and leptin because these are major accelerants of the ageing process.

Here is a list of things that can easily be avoided to achieve a body and skin that would defy age.

1. Any food containing sugar, especially fructose

2. Any sort of grains

3. Soda of any kind

4. Drugs or alcohols

5. Any kind of processed food

6. Processed table salt

7. Pasteurised dairy products

These are few such food products, which would be great if avoided. 

However, there are certain food items which should definitely be included in the diet for a youthful skin and healthy body.

1. Let’s start with nuts. All sorts of nuts, especially almonds, contain lots of antioxidants and vitamin E in them. Vitamin E has shown to fight skin ageing immensely and also helps skin hold a lot of moisture. So including these into the diet can be a great step towards beautiful and glowing skin.

2. Red and green vegetables are filled with vitamin A and help in increasing the vitamin A content in our bodies.

3. Vitamin C helps in accelerating the process of collagen production in the body. Collagen is the protein which forms the basic skin structure. In case of a collagen breakdown, the skin starts breaking down too and tends to become saggy; this is exactly what happens in case of ageing. So, in order to reverse the process of ageing, we should have products that enhance in collagen formation.

4. Also foods rich in Omega-3

Wishing you all age beautifully! Stay beautiful & stay young!