Excessive hand sweating (sweaty palms) , clinically called as palmar hyperhydrosis affects people in day to day life. Excessive, uncontrollable sweating of the palm is annoying, embarrassing and confidence wrecking problem. Although not life threatening, it leads to disturbance at work, slippery hand shakes, also has negative impact on social life, career and education. Sweaty palms can be distressing and can have serious impact on life.

First and most commonly used treatment is Antiperspirants .Advantage is they are non invasive , u have to apply on top layer of your skin. Remember, deodorants don't help in in decreasing sweat in any body area. Many kinds of antiperspirants are available in market. Regular or mild products available without prescription don't give much relief. Stronger formulations are available and can be tried. Choose prescription strength antiperspirants containing "aluminium chloride hexahydrate." Aluminium Chloride based antiperspirants block sweat glands to control sweating. Ask your dermatologist for these. Follow these tips while using anti perspirants:

  • Apply antiperspirant at night before going to bed.
  • Apply to completely dry skin.
  • Wash that area in morning.
  • Never wrap or occlude hands when you have antiperspirant on them because it can irritate your skin.

Other quick tips to control sweating:

  • Wash your hands frequently , wash them when amount of sweat starts bothering you, then thoroughly dry them off with a towel.
  • Use alcohol based sanitiser (not antibacterial) when you can't wash your hands with water. Alcohol will temporarily dry up the sweat.
  • Dust your hands with talcum powder  or corn starch. It helps in absorbing sweat and give your hands a better grip.


  • Avoid wearing hand gloves to cover sweaty palms because hand gloves will make your skin sweat more.
  • Since, stress can be a big factor in increasing sweating, opt for stress management options. Stay relaxed, excessive sweating is often triggered by stress and anxiety.
  • Avoid factors that trigger sweating like alcohol, spicy food, stress, medications etc.

Medical treatment options include Iontophoresis, Oral medications, Botox injections, Sympathectomy. If above tips are not helping you, contact your Dermatologist to guide you further treatment options.