Update -Nipah outbreak is not likely to spread. Siliguri faced similar fear psychosis due to outbreak of this virus and localized regional infection fears were over as the infection did not spread to the other parts of the country.

It is not like Swine Flu H1N1 or SARS.

A little caution about hygiene & personal protection through proper clothing can help people to serve others & setting an example of being fearless while treating this illness Also.

If our forefathers had Not looked after cases of Plague & Tuberculosis,there would have been no medicines or preventive vaccinations ????

Do Visit Kerala if summer vacation was planned. Doctors and nurses are working overtime to look after supposedly infected cases. Specific diagnosis about the virus can be made by one lab located at Pune. 

Treatment is Caution & symptomatic Dear 

There is no need of Social Ostracism because one nurse died while on duty, serving the patients.

This would have surely merited an honor if it was military personel. 

Health workers are facing Isolation & Social Obstracism & there is reluctance to cremate the bodies fearing getting infected though the diagnosis of NIPAH may not be confirmed.

Human to human transmission is through body fluids.

Media should not overplay such stories.

Disease is localized to a region.

Bats are reservoirs of many bacterial and viral diseases including Rabies and Typhoid.

Friends, There are widespread fear and anxiety among the general public about reported deaths due to NIPAH VIRUS.

For general public a viral disease equates respiratory symptoms- The person is suffering from Viral!

Viruses are the tiniest infective agents, unlike Bacteria, Fungi and parasites.

Viruses mutate fast, therefore the Immunization and specific treatments pose a difficulty to the research scientists.

For example, there are 100+ varieties of viruses responsible for Viral Flu!

Since our knowledge is limited to this virus also, let us bear the epidemic ? with a grin.

Let us share the harmless treatments passed on to us through our friends who are Not Medicos.

Let us equate the treatment of Dengue with Giloyey and Leaves of Papaya.

All the symptoms of this new virus are addressed in Siddha scripts.

Way to administer:

1) Boil 200 ml of water.

2) Take 5 fully grown leaves of this plant, cut them into smaller pieces and add to the boiling water.

3) Bring heat to simmer and reduce to 100 ml.

4) Add 2 crushed black pepper seeds and take off from the heat.

5) Add 3 drops of lemon juice.

This Kashayam is to be taken thrice a day to treat this virus.

Taken from Siddha scripts, translated and presented in public interest.