Be a new you !!

The new year is about to arrive.We are all set to celebrate and welcome 2017 which would mean bidding adieu to 2016.But what about our new year resolutions?It is necessary to look at the health sins which you made in the year 2016.Looking back at the sins would make you realize that something needs to be done about it and hence making health related resolutions is of utmost importance.If you need to be healthy its necessary to cut down the bad habits and incorporate good ones.

Take a look at the resolutions which you can make in 2017-

1. Kick the butt

Smoking is a habit which you need to give up with the start of 2017.Smoking is highly injurious to health ,it can lead to various cancers and damage your body in umpteen ways.Try diverting your mind when you feel like smoking and try speaking to a person who has been an ex-smoker.You need to try multiple methods until you are successful.Not only would you save the hard earned money but would also save your body from excessive damage.Though a tough habit to give up once gone it can be the best decision you made for your well-being.

2. Get more sleep

Getting enough sleep is of utmost importance as a good sleep can just set everything right.Not getting enough sleep can make you irritable ,tired and predispose you to obesity and type 2 Diabetes.If you sleep well not only would you be more productive at work but will also give your brain a chance to think better and save lovely memories.In short sleeping well can do just good to the entire body.

3. Lose some kilos

While weight loss does not happen overnight it is necessary to take a step in the correct direction.By that I mean if you have been just thinking about losing weight ,it is time to act.Visit a well trained nutritionist and seek advice.Get a personalized diet chart for yourself and keep reminding yourself that no matter how many hurdles come your way you have to reach the goal.Keep a food diary and update whatever you have been eating all day long.Stay motivated and see the weight saying bye bye soon.

4. Cut down on stress

Stress can act like a demon and affect your life in a big way.Hence it is important to keep your stress levels to minimal.Stress can lead to depression,obesity,hypertension,heart disease and much more.Get yourself good sleep,indulge in your favorite sport,talk to your family,do some yoga and pursue your passion.While stress is inevitable you need to try your level best to stay away from the stress monster.

5. Reduce the alcohol intake

While it is completely okay to indulge in little drinking occasionally but heavy drinking can be really dangerous in the long run.Drinking too much of alcohol can put you at a risk of heart disease,hypertension,liver cirrhosis ,brain stroke and various cancers such as mouth,throat,liver and breast.Hence it is best to drink in moderation and always have an accompaniment along with it.

A healthy resolution would take you towards a healthier life.

So this new year switch to a healthier lifestyle and keep health issues at bay :)