Here are some ideas on how you can make 2017 your Best Year-

  1. Prioritise Health: Exercise is a game changer. Do it regularly for 66 days to make it a habit.
  2. Start Meditation: Practice meditation to lose anxiety, stress, depression,and negativity.
  3. Ban Electronic Gadgets:  Do not use your phones, tablets and laptops for few hours in the day.Ban them at night.
  4.  Eat fewer calories:Less carbs and more proteins. A well-balanced nutritious diet. This way you lose weight, and prevent yourself from obesity related health issues.
  5. Resolve to be more grateful: Studies show it can make you 25% happier
  6. Celebrate your wins: Write down your achievements of past 12 months and celebrate them.
  7. Learn a new skill: It could be a dance form or playing guitar, the thing you always wanted to learn, Go for it! Fulfill your dream.
  8. Stop Smoking and Drinking: Resolve to give up chewing tobacco, quit smoking as we know it can lead to respiratory problems. Stop your drinking habit too.
  9. Be kinder to yourself: Believe in yourself, respect yourself and treat yourself well.
  10. Educate yourself: Read more books to become more aware and to make better choices in life.
  11. Set quarterly goals: Put down on paper and resolve to achieve your goals , whether its Health, Work targets or anything. 
  12. Strengthen your personal relationships:  Focus on family, take time out for family trips. Sit and talk instead of chatting .
  13. Know the difference between urgent and not so urgent things: This will keep your life peaceful.
  14. Know what's important in your life: This will keep you focussed and avoid distractions.
  15. Visit your doctor as required: Health is important.

Have a fantastic 2017!