The shoulder joint is the most common joint that is affected by stroke. Shoulder pain increased as the condition become worse. But subsided or start decreasing as treatment given.


The patient should not sleep at the affected side. Positioning should be kept in mind first. First in lying position: patient lying on his back. To prevent shoulder retraction, place outstretched arm alongside the body on a pillow somewhat higher than the trunk. Place outstretched on a pillow or supinated against the outside of the pillow. Place the head laterally to the unaffected side and the affected shoulder on the pillow as far forward. Control of shoulder girdle and arm, lifting and placing and holding the arm up. Active elbow movements, mainly extension to prevent subluxation and dislocation.


Mobilizing of neck and shoulder girdle to prevent shoulder pain and pain of hand.


 Mobilize shoulder girdle, work against retraction of the scapula in side lying, supine, sitting and side lying, supine, sitting and standing. Get painless elevation of the arm in the external rotation when scapula is mobilised shoulder girdle forward. Get an extension of the elbow and holding against the intermittent push, alternating with slight flexion. Maintain and increase the range of flexion at metacarpal-phalange joints. Mobilization and stretching should be given for pain relief and increase the ROM as movements get restricted due to pain.

Now TAPING can also b given for better treatment as it supports the joint and restricts the movement which causes pain. Dry needling can also be done to stimulate the muscle and get relief from shoulder pain.


1. Any exercise or activity which causes pain or hurt shall not be done.

2. Only a slight discomfort is acceptable and that too shall not persist for more than 24 hrs.

3. If it pains the activity shall be discontinued.

4. Always consult your physio for proper guidance and EXERCISES