Hair fall is becoming a common problem in almost every household. From home remedies to over-the-counter medicines, now these have become a difficult problem to treat. 

Q: What are the causes of hairfall?

A: In today’s scenario, there are multifactorial causes of hairfall: Stress, Dandruff, Hormonal changes, hereditary,  pollution, environmental changes, lifestyle modification etc. All these take a toll, that’s why now hairfall has become a generalized problem.

Q: What are types of hairfall in male & females?

A:  Due to Hormonal changes, it can be male & female pattern androgenetic alopecia. Due stress & other factors like acute illness, an episode of typhoid, malaria, some operation etc it could be Acute & Chronic Telogen Effluvium.

Q: What are the treatments available?

A: There are many treatments available today, topical therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy , microneedling can give a very good result in baldness of 10-15 years of duration also. Hair transplant is a good option for non-responsive individuals. 

Q: What to expect from Hair Transplantation?

A: Hair Transplantation is a good option for mild-moderate hair loss. Usually the results are visible gradually after 3-6 months of transplantation. Many new techniques like FTU, FUE have come up for that.