When it comes to men and their balding heads, myths abound. The minute we notice out forehead is getting little higher, we become suckers for the hair loss marketing machine. Myths about why men lose their hair are leaving people confused and disheartened about how to prevent it and there are a number of methods people use to stop balding which don't actually do anything.

Here are the straight facts on hair loss myths:

Myth: Excessive or infrequent hair washing causes hair loss.

Fact: When you wash your hair while rinsing it seems like you have lost a third of your volume down the plug hole. It is totally normal for some hair to fall out while shampooing. Trust me, they were going to fall out anyway, its all a part of natural hair growth cycle.

Myth: Cutting your hair promotes hair growth.

Fact: Hair is a non-living tissue, so there is no way to make it grow or not grow by cutting it.

Myth: Taking vitamin and mineral pills will help in hair growth.

Fact: Since hair is a dead tissue, rubbing a vitamin potion on scalp and intake of excess vitamins does not affect hair growth or hair fall in any way.

Myth: Wearing hat or cap too much suffocates your hair and cause hair fall.

Fact: Wearing a hat or cap will not cause your hair to drop out of follicles. But if you don't keep your hat clean, you could leave probe ṭo scalp infections. Hair does not need to breathe from outside, the only follicle is alive part and it gets blood supply from the scalp. The only time that can cause baldness, is when your tight hat or cap exerts excessive tension or friction on the scalp, can lead to traction alopecia. 

Myth: Hair loss comes from the mother's side of the family.

Fact: There are approximately 200 or more genes that regulate hair growth. There is no such thing as a single hair loss gene. So, generally some genes are from both sides of the family, that play a role, perhaps not all of it. Hair density is a polygenic trait, meaning more than one ancestor's genes will determine what's going to happen.

Myth: If you pluck one grey hair, it will result in multiple grey hairs sprouting from the scalp.

Fact: Hair colour is due to melanin in the hair follicle. So, hair turns grey or white when cells stop's producing melanin pigment.

Myth: Stress is causing your hair fall.

Fact: You don't need to worry about? Worrying. Traumatic stress can cause hair loss, but don't worry, its only temporary. Type of hair loss associated with stress are Telogen effluvium and Alopecia areata (patchy hair loss). Both of these conditions are temporary. Once stress is reduced the hair will recover and continue to grow normal. Neither of those is what we talk about male pattern baldness.

Yes, still today, misconceptions on the subject abound. So, calm down, take a deep breath and consider the facts.