Though most of us are aware of the presence of Tonsils, our knowledge regarding Adenoids is still a little unclear.

Adenoids are bunched up Lymphoid tissue that are present in the area behind the nose.

Difference between Tonsils and Adenoids

As can be seen Adenoid tissue impinges upon the posterior end of the nasal passage.

Adenoids get enlarged commonly during our early years, typically between 3 and 7 years of age.

Enlarged  or Inflamed Adenoids (Adenoiditis) causes the following symptoms in a child

1. Nasal Blockage leading to mouth breathing

2.  Snoring at night leading to disturbed sleep

3. Thick nasal discharge

4. Recurrent episodes of ear pain and ear blockage/ impaired hearing - this can cause learning difficulties in the child

5. Adenoid Facies - prolonged obstruction can cause crowding of upper incisors, pinched nostrils, an elongated face - a condition called 'Adenoid Facies'.

6. Long term harmful effect on the heart and lungs since the body is breathing against an obstructed upper airway

Enlarged adenoids are initially managed conservatively with medication and nasal sprays. 

In case that does not work, Surgery may be advised.

The ENT Specialist or the Paediatrician will take a decision regarding surgical removal of the Adenoids in case the above symptoms persist in spite of adequate medical management.

Conventional adenoid removal by Currette

The conventional method of Adenoid Removal is by Curettage - under General Anaesthesia, the currette is introduced via the oral cavity and the Adenoid Tissue is removed.  

The surgery lasts for about half an hour and the postoperative period of a simple adenoid removal is usually associated with a mild pain and soreness in the throat. 

The most recent and safe method of Adenoid removal is by the Coblation technique where specially designed wands are used to remove the adenoid tissue, under Endoscopic guidance.

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