Forward head posture is one of the most common postural deformities associated with prolonged looking down and staying in one position. There are so many factors that affect the normal alignment of the neck and creating a source of pain which may become difficult to treat at later stages. The most common of them are:

Prolonged looking at computer screens

Our neck naturally bends forward when we focus on a screen to grasp most of the details present on the screen. Prolonged looking at the screen can lead to loss of curvature of the cervical spine and also tightens the neck muscles. It is important to look away from the screen every now and then. Adjust your screen height to your eye level and use bigger fonts on your screen. Also, consult your ophthalmologist as bad vision puts extra pressure on the neck.

Studying with low desk height

If the desk height is not at eye level we have to lean forward and look below. Our cervical spine adapts the posture with time. This bad posture if untreated can lead to any problems such as cervical disc herniation, and formation of knots in muscles which cause pain when touched or irritated. In many cases, this pain may radiate to arms.

Looking at phone screens

Smartphones have doubtlessly made our lives easier but have also created problems for us. When we lean down to look at our cell phones we put a lot of extra force on our cervical spine. It causes muscles to fatigue easily and our muscles cannot stabilize the cervical spine for a long time which causes pain and compensatory forward head posture.

Using high pillow

Using a high firm pillow can also disturb the normal alignment and stretch muscles unnecessarily. If you frequently wake up with a stiff neck or muscle ache, it is time to change your pillow. Avoid using too hard or too soft pillows. Only use thin pillow which does not disturb the normal alignment of your neck.

Minding these factors and regular strengthening can help you to deal with such postural changes. Consult your orthopedic doctor or physiotherapist if you have such a problem and get treated on time to avoid any major discomfort.

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