Mono Filament Hair skin or mono hair skin/hair patch/hair unit, It’s a kind of one-inch poly skin base around the back and sides. For a better balance between durability and a natural appearance, and between sturdy and easy to clean, mono hair replacement might be your base. Thus it will not only cover your baldness but will give you a whole new look.

The Mono Filament base can last for well over a year due to the thicker mono Filament used in its construction. However, if you prefer a lighter density that exposes some scalp, the lace or skin bases may be a more suitable option. While still popular, conventional base systems are steadily losing ground as a base choice. You cannot use Mono for an exposed hairline, but you can add a lace front onto a Mono base.


• Mono Filament is a good base choice for a higher-density system

• A Mono Filament base has the highest durability of any base.

• Maintains the temperature and do not heat your skin.

• Best choice for the people who are facing complete or partial hair loss due to some health conditions.

• Mono Filament Hair Skin/Hair Patch/Hair Unit, give a 100% authentic and original look.

• It is made of thin mesh nylon fabric that resembles natural scalp. Thus, it is quite difficult to detect whether it is a Hair Skin/hair patch/hair unit of original hair.

• It is very light in weight and allows your skin to breath.

• Most durable, which offers an economical choice that represent excellent value for money.

• It is stiffer than lace and holds its shape very well.