Mind functions amazingly. It designs its function based on user ability. Nobody can copy or sell it in the market. The scientists, doctors, researchers and philosophers are studying about Mind – Body connection. Whether, the physiological changes impact psychological changes or vice versa. It’s a subject matter of study till the existence of human life.

The grey matter is a peculiar matter in the brain. The brain understands and relates with people or things differently. The wiring pattern challenges the brain’s cognitive functions. Chemical and hormonal reactions are responsible for physiological and psychological changes. So many changes are happening automatically within body and mind. Tapping the right sense and moment makes the difference in life.While speaking about Mind – Body connection the most prevailing thing that strikes the cord is mental challenges. This reminds me of one of my visit to the psychiatric centre. An observation for few hours in the centre has changed the perception on mental wealth. It reminds me that absence of mental illness doesn’t mean the presence of mental wellness.

The patient’s behavior and visitor’s interaction are very much noticeable in the centre. None of them worried or cared about other people’s presence or what they will think about us. They are accepting each other with their current state and moving on their own paths. The patients were showing restless behaviors, talking so much, asking repetitive questions, screaming on top of their voice, few getting violent and doing as per their wish. None of the visitors were disturbed by their behavior. They were accommodating and helping them with a smile.Most of the disturbed persons are adolescents and adults. That hardens the feeling as that was not the place for them. The voice of the visitors equally disturbed the mind. They felt very bad on themselves for not attending to their children’s mental need on time. We have ignored their words when they said am not feeling good, depressed or stressed, unable to focus on studies, peer pressure, change in behaviors, confused mind and disturbed thoughts.

When they have asked for professional help, we blindly rejected their request as we were not able to take it. We felt he will be ok in sometime or matter of acceptance or change of time. It’s getting worse day by day but because of our stigma in visiting psychologist we postponed it and trying to replace them with materialistic things. It did work for few hours or days only. Eventually, we didn’t address their core problems. We ignored their emotional needs. That’s the reason we landed in the psychiatric centre. A message came out very loudly from them is “Prevention is better than cure”. It’s wise to accept our children with mental disturbance and acknowledge their pain. Early intervention with a professional will help them in addressing the unresolved issues and guidance for future. It is advisable to take the first step in acknowledging their emotional agony or pain and address it on time. This will help them in living a more meaningful life.

Individual need to focus on BMI ie. Body – Mind Index for proper functioning of both physiological and psychological aspects. Mind care is health care.