Here are some simple facts to learn about the Mind-Body Connection:

  • Our brain is made up of chemicals called neurotransmitters that are responsible for our emotional/mood state. Similarly, the endocrine system in our body is responsible for releasing hormones that are also chemicals that influence our mood state.

  • The functioning of these chemicals in our brain and body are altered by changes in our behaviors/physical activity and thought patterns (like Newton’s third law of motion- “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”).

  • Lack of energy in the body could be due to low mood. When you are in low mood, your brain doesn’t release chemicals and activate its functioning. Therefore, when you find yourself in a low mood, try to do something that activates your brain and hence initiate the release of these chemicals to find a shift in your mood state.

  • When you exercise, your body releases hormones and your brain releases chemicals that reduce stress levels and increase your resilience.

  • When you pamper yourself with good food, spa, movies, and other such activities, you are boosting your brain to release some chemicals and activate your body to release healthy hormones.

  • Emotions change the structure of your physical body, for example, if you are angry, you can notice the tension on your head, muscles, shift in body temperature and color; if you are happy, you can notice the ease in your body, sense of soothing rhythm in your facial and neck muscles. These changes in the body are caused by the changes in the chemicals of the brain which can be altered very easily. 

  • Your body and mind tends to follow each other like shadows. Each of them have a surprising amount of power to shape the other.

So next time you feel different, alter your physical activity and thought patterns and your brain will do the rest!

Interconnection of the body and mind!