Migraine is highly misunderstood 'Medical Disorder'. Popping a pill is not the answer.

It is more common in women, teenager girls but also seen and felt by men and boys.

As a Family Doctor, keep referring to different specialists may or may not be the answer.

Basics like eye sight should be tested because not wearing the spectacles or wearing them with wrong power does aggravate migraine headaches.

BP should be checked to rule out headaches related to high BP, or Due to Low BP and Dehydration caused by low intake of fluids during bouts of fevers.

Headache is a subjective phenomenon & doctors can trust the patients because they cannot measure it as a proof of suffering.

Because nothing is visible on either a scan or during a test,people tend to mistake Migraine for a Psychological Disorder ,to be referred or given a name like Sinusitis to please the patient that 

"something is genuinely wrong with the suffering person"

Migraine may coexist with many disorders.

Usually, the patient might feel better for a while because few medicines for Migraine are antidepressants and anti-anxiety tablets which Can Be Addictive.

And it can be worsening the condition in the long run.

Patients tend to self medicate to avoid a repeat visit to the doctor.

Yes lots of Medicines to reduce anxiety are given as Add-On to give quick recovery,without looking at the Physiological Cause.

In young girls and women, water retention,just before periods is commonly seen.

Water retention can occur during pregnancy also.

1)water retention is visible on lower limbs,legs because of standing posture puts more burden on the legs but water is retained all over the body.

2)If a detailed history is taken, the sensitive woman may complain about her ring getting tighter,she is unable to wear well fitting clothes,because she feels that she has gained weight !

3)During bouts of PMT ( Premenstrual tension ) and Swellings related to Pregnancy, walking/Jogging types of exercises are a Big No.

4)Legs need to be rested,elevated & proper stocking to be used so that the blood flow towards the heart from lower limbs is better 

Water is retained around Brain also, causing unexplained headache-Migraine.

We can follow the basics to reduce bouts of Migraine Attacks-

Get Vision Checked & Corrected 

Reduce water retention by-

1) Eating less salt ( Sodium) & more of Potassium through Citrus fruits like lemon juice,oranges etc.

Coconut water, fresh and not the bottled one is a natural diuretic too,leading to generation of more urine,removing extra water from all over the body and without taking a Diuretic Tablet which removes the essential mineral too, while generating more urine through kidneys.

2) Reduce intake of packaged & processed foods because salt is a preservative which is added to these foods in large amounts.

3) Get BP checked

4) Get X-Ray of Head & if possible a CT scan to rule out other causes of headaches

Every Headache Need Not Be Labeled As Migraine.

Yoga & Meditation Helps Everyone.