This is ISKCON Temple EOK Delhi & lots of women are busy preparing garlands for Lord Krishna on 21.7.2016, days before Happy Birthday of Krishna on Janamashtami on 25th August this year. Men are busy with tents, bamboo sticks for stability to give shelter to millions of devotees who will be visiting on the day & tents will be protecting them while the rocky passageway will be carpeted.

Why are they doing it while chanting Matras?

To develop Will Power to face or to come out of day to day worldly tangles, created by others for them ?

As an escape route as Religion is Opium for masses?

As a show off of Paath Puja to avoid kitchen work at home?

Or, To Actually Connect with God Above in All Forms Through Every Religion that Teaches us about Humanity First !

Yes, going to places of religion does help the Spiritual Health of a Normal Human.

I must Emphasize here about Total Health of a Human is Total of Physical Health + Emotional Health + Social Health + Spiritual Health.

Now, I remember the Will Power of Hero of movie Deewar and iconic dialogue of Salim-Javed by Hero- Mere Pass Maa Hai vs. Brother of hero who has earned Crores through unfair means.

It is human to get greedy by anyone offering crores but it is Super Human to Say No to Crores.

It requires Strong Will Power and Nerves of Steel to do so Plus a Strong Mind 

Lawyers will Show off crores (may be they do not have an idea about numbers of zeroes in Crores )

Well meaning friend will see to it that the family breaks under influence of unseen Crores.

How does one develop a strong will power ?

Through Prayers, through chanting of mantras , through focussing the mind on an object ,a religious book or a deity.

And above all of these is The Power of Truth Supreme.

When crores were needed by kids during their childhood ,all they could see was a Struggling Young Mother ,being at receiving end of Taunts of Society as her husband had left her all alone in the wild world with responsibility of 2 sons as growing up kids. One became an officer with limited means of money & other got Quick Rich rich  through unfair means.

How can the kid ,now a responsible Adult lure his own mother with crores now ? 

Will it ward off Taunts of Society ?

Will it give mother a New Life to Live Minus Disease due to over work and Stress And as Add ons The Taunts of relatives ,neighbors & friends?

Wise But Down to Earth officer has such strong Will Power that Prompt comes the Reply as a Reflex -Mere Paas Maa Hai !

God has blessed us with one life to live.

Why not live with Ethics being intact without getting a feel through other about the Entire World is Corrupt , rolling in crores , why not Me too ?

Be an Individualistic without being a Moralistic.

All through the Journey called life , one will encounter and interact with many like minded people to Sleep peacefully at End of the day.