The spotlight has always been on women. We have spoken enough about women's harassment, empowerment, gender equality, and etc. However, there is little that has been spoken about Men’s Mental Health. As a society, we have put efforts into bringing women to the zenith and let all our men down and out of focus. Why have we not put our thoughts as to why Men’s Mental Health Matters Too?

The Social Taboo about Men’s Mental Health:

In this civilized society, both men and women have different roles to play. Several researchers have stated that there is a silent crisis in the mental health of men. Our society has always portrayed man as a stronger gender – one who is physically strong doesn’t cry and is emotionally stronger. This myth not only makes man weaker but also pressurizes him to succumb to live up to the ideals of society.

There are a few psychiatric illnesses that most of the men deal with. 

Common Mental Illnesses amongst Men:

Depression: Male depression often goes undiagnosed. Per year more than six million men suffer from depression.

Anxiety: 5 in 10 men suffer from an anxiety disorder, panic attack, agoraphobia, or other phobias.

Bipolar disorder: It is the sixth leading cause of death in the world.

Schizophrenia: 90% of people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia at an age of 30 are men.

Eating disorder: Men with eating disorders or binge eating disorders are often unnoticed and less likely to seek professional help.

Many of the recent news stories tell us about men and their psychopath’s actions. You might have seen it as corner news on the paper. But that isn’t simply a corner news, think how they are out of control mindfully.

Just think of this. A man takes his family as a responsibility at an average age of 24 and ends up with this race at the age of 60. The day is good or bad, the mind clear or stressed, he never misses a day of his life without thinking about his family or work. It might be your father, brother, son, husband, friend or even adored one.

All that needs to be done is having a concern for them and getting a proper solution for Men’s Mental Health issues.

Best Solution for the Problem is Here: Opting for the Right Treatment

How much ever we see the improvement in today’s technologies, that much deterioration we are witnessing in mental health. Firstly we should consider Men’s Mental Health as equal to physical health.

Pay close attention to their actions such as impatience, unwanted arguments, addiction practices, and familial disruption. Secondly, seek professional help which might give you a handful of solutions with specific strategies.