Man and women are not ‘opposite’sexes but complementary sexes.

Man & women form one unit of the Homo-sapiens species.Though both can survive &function Independently, involvement of both is essential for reproduction and thus propagation of the species. 

 To understand the similarities and differences of two on has to start from embryology .Embryology The external genital are similar in male and Female embryos  till 3 months of Pregnancy, External genital are developed from 3 bodies:

1. Genital Tubercle

2. Genital folds

3. Genital swelling 

During 7th month of pregnancy 

1. In male, Genital Tubercle develops into Penis enveloping the urethra, and in female it develops into Clitoris.

2. In males, the two Genital Folds unite from anus to the glans of penis. This union can be seen as a median  raphe in the new born, In Female embryo,the  two folds partly unite and partly remain open and develop into labia minora. Urethral and vaginal  opening are developed in the space between the two folds 

3. In males, the Genital Swellings of two sides unite to form scrotum. The Gonads (Testes) descend into the scrotal sac during 7th month of pregnancy. In females, the Genital swelling remain separate and develop into Labia Majora. The gonads (ovaries) remain in the abdomen. These changes in the male embryo about by foetal testosterone. As a result of these changes, in the male the organ of procreation and pleasure remain the same while, in the female, they remain separate. 

There is a distance of about 1.5 inches between clitoris and vagina. Therefore, when women engages in vaginal intercourse, she may not get the pleasure  and when she wants erotic pleasure she need not engage in vaginal intercourse. Perhaps this is one the reasons for paucity of male sex workers. The other reasons could be scarcity of testosterone, a desire stimulating hormone, in the female vagina is developed from endoderm and therefore, like esophagus , the touch sensation, expert in outer one inch, is absent.Glans of clitoris is erotically as sensitive as the glans of penis and is the seat of orgasm. During intercourse clitoris is not stimulated since the women is pinned down. Women can get orgasm only when clitoris is stimulated manually during the foreplay or when the women is on the top during the intercourse.If women gets lubricated by clitoral stimulation, then man gets better stimulation of penis and faster orgasm.Therefore women should  have clitoral  stimulation/ orgasm prior to penetrative sex. 

Man: sex chromosomes xy

  • Hair on the face, Hair on the pubic region: up to umbilicus Muscular body,  
  • Breasts: rudimentary Penis: organ for coitus, erotic micturition and ejaculation Gonads (testes) are outside the Lubrication produced by bulbourethral glands
  • Sexual hormone: Testosterone Sexual response: Monotonous Sexual Response is essential for fertility
  • Orgasm: Possible every time Associated with ejaculation &followed by refractory Period.
  • Explosive –mid or explosive Erotic stimulation is through five sense organs stimulated by nudity, blue film, seeing female genital and beauty Most of the male Masturbate
  • Aim: Sexual pleasure Oral Sex – Most of them are interested. Deep interest in coitus Any women would do for coitus Attraction of extramarital relation 
  • As the age advance, the Sexual Attraction decreased Total Sexual outlet are more Satyriasis is not uncommon Interested in sexual posture Interested in sex tonic 
  • Coitus: How often, when and how long is decided by man Andropause is gradual and does not pose a problem Paraphilia is common Sexual dysfunction is common Man is more interested in sex 
  • The man gives loves to get sex Man is dependent upon women for sexual Pleasure Man is rational, steady & dashing Man seek any women for a short-term relationship, Man wants a Virgin and younger by age Man’s sexual pleasure is genital oriented  

Women Sex chromosomes XX

  • No hair on face Hair in triangular region Delicate body, 
  • Broad waist Breast Prominent Sensitive to erotic stimulation, Produces milk after delivery 
  • Clitoris for erotic sensation: urethra for micturition & Vagina for coitus Gonads (ovaries) are inside the body Produces one ovum per months 
  • Lubrication produced by vestibular glands & vaginal wall, Sex hormones are Estrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin
  • Sexual response varies Fertility is possible in absence of sexual response Orgasm: may or may not or Multiple orgasms. No refractory period. No ejaculation
  • Love, romance & touch are essential for erotic stimulation Stimulated by romanticism &personality.Not stimulated by seeing male genital. Most of them do not masturbate.
  • Aim: to relieve vascular congestion Oral sex: most of them are not interested Interested in partner’s company, his close contact& motherhood.Not much interested in coitus 
  • Meticulous selection of a partner. Emotional involvement necessary for coitus. 
  • Any man would do No attraction of extramarital relation Sexual attraction is the same throughout.No change according to age.Total sexual outlets are less
  • Nymphomania is very rare. Neither interested in sexual postures, Not interested in sex tonic Woman is passive. She does not take a lead.
  • Menopause is sudden and poses a problem in some women. Paraphilia is very rare
  • Sexual dysfunctions: less common Women is more interested in love& motherhood Woman gives sex to love Women is not dependent upon man For sexual pleasure; but for love, romance and motherhood.
  • Women are creative, instinctual and affectionate. A woman seeks a man for permanent. Women want a sincere man who would offer stability and is senior by age Woman sexual pleasure is an entire body– oriented.