Ingenuity to announce the doctor’s
status ( not married or single ,but whether the doctor is available or not ) is
only restricted by what danglers the pharma companies  dole out as freebies. The standard till now
was “The Doctor is in / out , please be seated “.

But medical lingo
in itself does lend to a lot more wacky ones and more so if doctors were to
start announcing their lunch breaks .

For a Family
Physician ,the first point of call for many a patient , it could be as simple
as “Be patient , the doctor is out for lunch”. Clutching the prescription a
patient  rushes to the pharmacist only to
come across “Pills wait, the pharmacist is out ”.

While a true
Obstetrician  would never really mind
being disturbed during lunch ,yet  would
always wish “I would have seen you through , birth have to go for lunch” (We
could very well add “ Cry if you want”). A cool and soothing “Lets split for
lunch “ for a Psychiatrist. For  peep in
toms – Radiologists  - “Have to rush for
my lunch , shall rays back by three” would just click right. “Am at my hideout
for lunch, Shall be back on the skin at 3 sharp” , no sweat ,a Dermat . Things
couldn’t be simpler for an Orthopedic surgeon “I’ll join you after lunch break”
and for the neighborhood Physiotherapist “Doctor has gone to exercise his right
for lunch” .

Thanks to all the
medical sub specialties , things get all the more interesting A
Gastroenterologist could well put up “Please be seated ,bile I have my lunch “
. Aye Aye to an Ophthalmologists “Eye shall see you only after lunch ”.
Patients need not blow hot or cold at the Chest Physicians’  “You won’t have to wait for lung, Doctor will
just breath back”.   “Ovarybody just wait
– the doctors’ out for lunch” could be a Gynec’s favorite .Cosmetic surgeons
can easily afford to be bold and brash 
Face the plain fact .The doctor is out for lunch “. An Endocrinologist would
really have to keep his clinic’s reading stock updated or else how else would
he / she explain “Kindly glands at the magazines while I have my lunch “. He
fixes up leaks ,but if its lunch you will have to satisfy yourself with a
Urologists “ Kidney be seated .It’s lunch time”. No  need gnashing your teeth in anger if you’re
late for a dental appointment and come up against “I shall see you orally after
lunch “. Rare is an Anesthetist with a consulting room , but patients still
wouldn’t mind “Kindly sleep into your easy chair , the doctor is out for

But its’ the
pediatricians who get the cake.

Twiddle your thumbs

No tantrums

Am out for lunch

Out there in the
corner is the toy “Hit Me”

Vent your anger –
give it a nice good punch”