Osteoporosis is age-related pathology of bone. And most people especially women above the age of 50 are diagnosed with osteoporosis. Proper diet and exercise can help in tackling osteoporosis but in severe cases, regular medication is required. Here are some commonly used medications in osteoporosis.


Bone is majorly composed of calcium and it is important for the formation of new bone as well. Bone density reduces as a result of low calcium levels due to resorption of calcium from bones for carrying out vital activities of the body. Calcium supplementation is necessary to avoid bone loss.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an active role in the absorption of calcium into the body to the bones. Without this vitamin, our calcium does not reach to bones. Vitamin D pouches and capsules are available but should only be taken as prescribed by the doctor as excessive Vitamin D can cause toxicity.

Oestrogen Therapy

Oestrogen plays an important role in calcium metabolism and bone formation. In postmenopausal women, Oestrogen Level reduces and bone thinning is accelerated, leaving them prone to osteoporotic fractures. In these patients, hormonal therapy is prescribed to avoid rapid bone loss.


In a normal human, bone breaks down and formation occurs at same rate and bones do not lose their strength. In osteoporosis, bone breaks down is greater than a formation that leads to thinning. Bisphosphonates reduce the amount of bone break down to main bone density.

All these medications should be taken in proper doses and may have side effects depending on individual cases. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult a specialist Orthopaedic doctor before taking any such medication.