Ten Cases where "Medical Abortion" using pills is not recommended by doctors

Medical abortion under doctors supervision is actually a safe procedures that saves an unnecessary surgery but it is not suited for everyone. Reckless use of abortion pills without doctor's advice can lead to bigger problems than one can imagine. There have been endless cases of failed and incomplete abortions leading to chronic long-standing health issues in women. It is even more harmful for young girls in the absence of right professional advice. It is imperative to get some investigations done before and after the procedure. Picking up abortion pills illegally sold at the local pharmacy and self medication for such a vital health condition can lead to nightmares.  Follow up is extremely important esp for young girls going for it as their menstrual and reproductive health is at stake. One is advised to go to her gynecologist for safe and proper advice.  However there are some cases where medical abortion are refused even by the seasoned health professionals. Here is the list.

1. Pregnancy over two months

2. Ectopic Pregnancy

3. Cervical stenosis or where the mouth of uterus is tightly shut.

4. General ill health with anemia 

5. Previous allergies to the drugs involved

6. Inherited porphyria 

7. Bleeding disorders

8. Prolonged use of corticosteroids

9 Chronic Adrenal Failure

10 Severe Pelvic inflammatory disease