In "SURAKSHA DIAGNOSTICS AND HEALTH CARE , " we had a lady with previous history of pregnancy loss at 8 moths period and presently with 8 months pregnancy and pain abdomen.

I had examined her and suspected to have an abnormal uterine contour and as she was in labor with oblique lie of the fetus , we the doctors team together explained risk of preterm labotr, possible complications of preterm baby and also councelled regarding need for immediate surgery as baby cant be delivered if head is not in right position. 

As the family understood the siyuation, we had performed emergency caesarean section , I found the uterus to be "unicornuate" !! After successful surgery, mother and baby went home following preterm care for the baby. 

If we had let her with pain for longer time, she might have lost this baby and may also had rupture uterus !! 

Timely decision and team effort of the gospital have saved baby and mother !