There hardly would be any lucky human being who has not suffered from back pain, may it be upper back pain or lower back pain. A backache is the price humanity pays in view of our upright posture and bipedal stance and motion (ability to walk on two limbs). Let's have a quick look at causes of back pain:

  1. Mechanical 
  2. Disc problems
  3. Traumatic
  4. Infections- sometimes sinister, tuberculosis
  5. Tumours
  6. Psychological- non-organic

Out of all these problems, mechanical backache forms the majority of the group and basically results from an imbalance in muscle strengths balancing our upright posture and stretch and sprains of ligaments near lower back.

Think of our spine as an effigy, or monument being constantly supported on all sides by ropes(muscles). when these ropes have an imbalance usually a structure will fall. but our body doesn't, in fact, the capable muscles do double work to make it stand, and resulting from that these muscles, can go into spasms, and be a source of pain throughout long.

Hallmark of such pains is that it is easily reduced for sometimes by the effect of medicines, but when the effect wanes off, people still have a sore back. 

Exercising the back muscles is the best remedy for such problems, and improving posture also helps in alleviating the pain, it should always be done with a prior consultation with orthopaedics or a physiotherapist.