Eating meals timely is important to maintain the metabolism. Untimely meals, delayed meals or even skipping meals slows down the metabolism. What happens when the metabolism gets disturbed? Simple, you start putting weight. Everyone tries to start healthy by keeping breakfast options minimal and healthy. But by the time we reach lunch all the work or a busy day takes a toll over our lunch choices. We don't realize eating unhealthy food will only make things worse both in terms of being bad to the body but also adding stress to our lives. Eating processed and junk food leads to high cholesterol, disturbed sugar levels resulting in high blood pressure, hyper-tension and Type 2 Diabetes.

We suggest why develop bad habits when its as easy to develop good habits. This doesn't mean you have to punish yourself and live only on raw food and water. It means that if you start planning  in advance you can be more conscious while packing lunch at home or eating out.   Here are some healthy lunch options that you could carry it from your home or buy.

Vegetable besan chilla with low fat curd: This chick pea-flour pancake are packed with protein. It can be prepared in no time and at the same time its tasty as well as nutritious. Chick pea is said to be a good source of fiber and many other nutrients and low in fat. One best thing about this besan chilla is that it can be pretty much toyed around with to suit different tastes. You can change the veggies you add to it: mushrooms, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, or spinach. One vegetable chilla gives around 120-140 calories.

Paneer/Chicken wheat flour Kathi Roll: Kathi Rolls are hot crispy rotis served with a choice of fillings. Use any combination of vegetables like  paneer, mushroom, soya, corn or green peas to make these vegetarian rolls. For non veg fillings you could use chicken. These rolls are ideal for packed lunches as these are quite easy to prepare, pick and eat.The calories varies according to type of filling, But on an average 1 vegetable kathi roll provides around 195 calories.

Salad and soup: Including soup and salad in your diet can help you to loose weight. Filling up on high fiber and low-calorie broth-based soups or salads without rich dressings can help you to eat less at meals and reduce your total calorie intake. Choose low-fat, high-fiber and low-calorie soups and salads when dieting. Soups and salads are rich in fiber and water, helping to fill you up before a meal or between meals. A first course of soup or salad may reduce your total calorie consumption.

2 Chapati and dal, seasonal vegetables with a fruit: A great combination of cereal and pulse which improves the quality of protein in your diet apart from providing carbohydrates. Eating along with vegetables provides necessary fiber, vitamins and minerals. This is one of the simplest combination used by masses. 2 chapatis provide around 140 calories and 1 cup dal around 150 calories.

Lastly, here are a few tips that will come in handy while you maintain a healthier lifestyle for a happier tomorrow:

  • Portion Control: If you are trying to lose weight then don't over eat by managing the portion.
  • Preload your self half an hour before with a glass of water to reduce the hunger pangs.
  • Avoid food that has too much oil or thick gravy.
  • Go green even while selecting the dishes.