After a long time, recently I saw this movie of Will Smith- Collateral Beauty and I happened to come across my son's playgroup teacher and we generally had a conversation about this movie and how even she loved it. We started casually discussing cancer and other diseases which make you morbid and mortal and she happened to narrate me her state of mind when someone in her family was not keeping well and she saw this movie in which it has been that a man reaches out to the universe after the loss of her 6 yr old daughter and how these things interlock and how even loss can reveal moments of deep meaning of life.

I have my moments of revelation mostly during my pedicure sessions, so obviously I started thinking that if life is compared to a tripod stand of the camera- Love, Time and of course Death are the 3 pillars of that tripod which helps in framing and structuring our entire life. As a Doctor here, I wondered that with our patients even we get attached with passing time, a kind of bond of love and trust is formed and of course when we lose the battle together of fighting as a team to the God of death, it turns into a permanent loss for the rest of our lives. 

These three words rather pillars are applicable in all situations of life, be it losing a loved one or even losing an old worker of our workplace or losing a pet maybe. This movie taught me a lot of things, primarily to invest time in loving our relations till death do us apart. After watching this movie, I immediately texted my husband that I really love him.

Anyway, Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans!

(just happened to me, my boy yelling behind. See u all soon!)