Monsoon is knocking at the door….

All of us are eagerly waiting for this rainy season.

All of us enjoy this very well because after lots of days of hot summer we need some refreshment in form of rainy shower which keeps our mind and body very cool and make us feel alive.

Ok now come to the point of some necessary hair care, so that we can healthily and happily enjoy this season.

We all have many a times feel that during season of monsoon our hairs become very dirty, rough, lusterless and and looks like weak and unhealthy.

Not too worry about these problems, just keep certain care for that.

By following some hair care tips we can make our hair looks wonderfull  and healthy during monsoon also.

  • Use of Oil, Shampoo and Conditioner. : In season of monsoon we should wash our hair regularly if we face rain water daily. Though we all know that during this seson our scalp secret more oil because of damp weather which may turn into dandruff and itching. So for that one should wash hair regularly with mild shampoo. In this season sebacious gland of scalp is more active and produce more oil and sweat which combined and attract many pollutants from the air. thus scalp gets wexy and dirty. Thats why hair wash shoul dbe done regularly with mild shampoo and conditioner which is more suitable to your hair. one question may arise in mind that"Does hair get spoil with daily wash?", No not at all...wash your hair often as required but use mild shampoo. 
  • Always gentally dry your hair after wash to avoid breakage, because that time their stability is very low, so if we harsh with them will lead to damage of hair. So always dry your hair by using towel like sponge.
  • Not too frequently use hair dryer , because it also damage your hair very badly. If you want to use then use it by keeping some distance from your hair.
  • Use Rain coat or Umbrella whenever you go out in rain. In other words you should cover your hair by somehow , so that they may not come in direct contact with rain water. Rain water contains many impurities which can damage to your hairs. So rain water is very harmfull. Then also  if you get wet , wash hair thoroughly with tap water with using mild shampoo.
  • Keep your hair short , so that it is easy to maintain even for oiling and washing.

  • Avoid different hair styling, just keep hair in simple and loose, not too tight it with rubber band. For that you can keep pony tail and protect your hair from humidity.
  • Avoid hair styling and hair coloring products because it can directly damage to your hair. Hair is very weak during this phase, so any type of hair styling or coloring agent  directly or indirectly may damage to your hairs.
  • Diet is very important for this season.  Healthy and balanced diet one should take. Use Protein , Vit.-E, Vit.-C rich diet. Use Green Vegetables, Whole Grains, Nuts, fresh Fruits, Dairy products in your regular diet.
  • Drink plenty of water atleast 3-4 liters daily. Water not only need full for your internal body but  also for your skin and hairs.
  • Enjoy stress free life. Relax your mind and enjoy the season.
  • Do regular mild exercise to maintain blood flow to your hair.

Some one has truly said that" What you feel inside is directly reflects on your appearance."
The above Hair-Care tips you can follow not only during this season but also for all other seasons to keep your lovely locks healthy. Everyone wishes that they get compliments for their shiny and healthy hair irrespective of length. With keeping some hair care tips you can fully enjoy this lovely season even by wetting and dancing in rain.

Make sure that keep some time from your busy schedule for the lovely gift which you have got from great almighty in form of healthy, shiny and beautiful hairs. After all thats the asset that none can snatch from you if you maintain it properly...