Every person knows about the jasmine because of its popularity. Its flowers are white but somewhere jasmine creeper of yellow flower is found too. Its flowers, leaves and root are used in medicines. Oil and perfume are prepared from its flowers. 

How Jasmine can be used in managing different diseases-

  • Mouth blisters: Chewing leaves of jasmine like betel leaf cures blisters and all the types of wounds of the mouth.
  • Skin diseases: Jasmine oil is an unerring and magical medicine to cure the skin diseases. Poisoning wounds, burning sensation, scabies and itching and many types of diseases are cured soon by applying it.
  • Impotency and early ejaculation: Boil equal quantity of jasmine leaves’ juice and sesame oil together until oil remains only. Rubbing this oil on the penis twice a day regularly is useful to end impotency and early ejaculation.
  • Blood piles: Boil equal quantity of juice of jasmine leaves and sesame oil together until it remains oil only. Applying this oil on the anus daily 2-3 times a day is useful to cure blood piles.
  • Headache: Apply jasmine oil on the forehead or coat paste of its flowers on the forehead. Using this process is useful to end headache.
  • Fistula: Grind jasmine leaves, banyan’ leaves, tinospora, dry ginger and black salt with thick whey. Applying this mixture on the affected part cures fistula.
  • Ringworm: Grind jasmine leaves and coat it on the ringworm or any skin diseases. It is useful to cure the skin diseases.
  • Nodes: Apply fresh juice of jasmine leaves or tie powder of jasmine flower on the nodes; it ends nodes.