Revolution in the field of Total Knee Replacement Surgery Vadodara‘s most illustrious VIROC Superspeciality Orthopaedic Hospital got International endorsement on successful technique of Total Knee replacement without cutting Bone.

Just Knee Capping Procedure

  • The term knee replacement or 'TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT' is actually a misnomer. When we hear this word we imagine as if a surgeon will cut the thigh bone (femur), cut the leg bone (tibia) and then fit a hindge like a joint in between. This is a dreadful thought.

Hip Replacement

In the endeavor of providing pain free movement to all our hip patients, we have added a 4th dimension to hip replacement surgery. Unlike knee replacement, during hip replacement surgery we need to work in depth, of ball & socket joint. Correct placement of artificial socket requires 360 degree visions. The 360 degree vision of the socket is usually difficult while operating from one side. We have a team of highly qualified joint replacement surgeons during surgery standing on either side of patient so, 360 degree visualization of socket becomes possible. This 4th dimension of high qualified team of 2 surgeons work for the 100% outcome of surgery.

Pain Clinic

Pain is an uncomfortable feeling and/or an unpleasant sensation in the body. The presence of pain often is an indication that something is wrong. Pain can appear suddenly or can come about slowly.