In this current situation of lock-down we all have to stay home and ensure that we stay absolutely healthy. It is very important for you to include nutritious food in your daily diet to keep yourself nourished and healthy. 

One such food that must be considered is Kidney bean. This is an excellant pulse to include in your diet and a good option for vegetarians to get protein. It has numerous health benefits which will want you to include this attractive bean frequently.

Besides providing carbohydrate and protein, Kidney beans are also loaded with fibre making it a good way to fill you up for a longer time, prevent hunger pangs and good for your colon health. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals like iron, copper, potassium, to name a few and thus making it a very enriched pulse. Kidney bean will also boost your body with anti-oxidants which is crucial to maintain general health and keep you away from diseases. 

Kidney bean is a very versatile pulse which is loaded with nutrients and you may add it in your diet in several ways. Combing a bowl of rajma/kidney bean curry with rice is also a good nutritional combination. However, make sure that you maintain portion control. 

 Check out this video to know how you can use this pulse in different ways which is so simple and easy to adapt.