Kidneys are a vital organ in the human body, beyond any doubt. They are bean-shaped organs placed below the rib cage on either side of the body. They perform some extremely critical actions like flushing out toxins from the body, apart from helping in red blood cell growth and regulating blood pressure and bone health.

As is obvious, these are our inbuilt life support systems. Thus, ensuring to keep them healthy is like choosing to stay healthy. An overburdened kidney may not be able to remove all the toxins, leading to ailments. Thus all medical fields, including Ayurveda, emphasize on maintaining the kidneys in good shape. As per the Ayurvedic principles of maintaining a healthy balance in a body by means of food we consume, there are several specifications to ensure your kidneys’ health. First and foremost is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Water is called the elixir of life, and it acts as a lubricant as well as helps in washing out the toxins from the kidneys. Thus, it is essential to drink lots and lots of water.

Next is to include as many food items in your diet as possible that are kidney-friendly, i.e., are easily digestible. This is one place where consuming excess proteins can cause problems, as proteins take a long time to digest, thereby burdening the kidneys. Also, any salty or oily food that is high in sodium is bad for the kidneys. Last but not least, reducing the amount of medicines, drugs, and alcohol helps by easing the burden on the kidneys.