To Perceive the beautiful nature of His creation in all its hues and abundance of colors, God has gifted the eyes. Make no mistake, it can beat the best of the lenses that man has been able to create, however small the pixel he could make.

The Retina at the posterior of the eye, catches all the images as a mirror and is sent to the brain to perceive the images through the optic nerve. There is a liquid in both chambers of the eyes that keeps the eye in its shape and contour. Sometimes there is a disturbance to the flow of this liquid between the chambers leading to increased pressure. This pressure exerts a hurting influence on the retina and the tender cells unable to take the pressure, tend to wither away and gradually are unable to perceive the images. All this happens without any symptoms; until there is a loss of vision to a considerable extent on most occasions it remains undiagnosed and the condition Glaucoma is rightly termed as the ‘thief of sight’. 

The Maximum pressure in the eye could be up to 18mm of Hg and if it exceeds the same, there is always a threat of Glaucoma. The checking of pressure is tonometry. There is also a way to check for loss of vision. This is called as ‘visual field testing’. In this a person is made to look at a fine spot of light in the middle of vacant bright space and a flash of light appears in the field of vision. If the person is unable to perceive that spot of light appearing every fraction of a second and does not click the indicator, it means that his vision has been compromised in that particular area. 

Such Patients develop loss of peripheral vision and the patient feels looking at things as if through a tunnel. They also complain of halos around the lights and difficulty in night vision and sometimes headache and redness of the eyes. 

As such there is no particular reason why glaucoma could occur but people over 40, diabetics and with ones who have a family history of glaucoma find themselves more vulnerable. 

As such to keep the pressure in the eyes normal and to avoid further damage to the retina is the main challenge and there are enough medication to do the same. But where Homeopathy scores is that the retina is flushed with enough blood circulation which helps the rods and cones to get enough nutrition and remains alive and to a certain extent protects it from further damage by the pressure. 

Such Patients would also do well to keep that they get their regular doses of vitamin A, E and C through, red peppers, carrots, papaya, strawberries, peanuts, spinach and sweet potato. While the Zinc in beans, legumes and eggs transports the Vitamin A from the liver to the area of its occupation, the retina.