Mental Health is an important part of one's life, yet sadly it remains a frequently ignored one! Today's advancing world poses a lot of additional stress of high profile jobs, lack of adequate family support, financial burdens, risings costs, rearing children, juggling between home and work and above all trying to do the best possible job in all situations! 

I personally believe that mental health is as important a pillar in health along with aesthetics and physical  health! One must not only look good, but it is equally important to feel good and do good!

  • Psychiatric disorders and psychological problems are on the rise over the past decade! Many a times, we neglect our mental health due to stigma of an illness, misconceptions, fear about medications, lack of proper knowledge regarding available treatment options, lack of facilities available and procrastination to consult a mental health professional! A stitch in time saves nine! 
  • Psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, substance dependence, Bipolar Affective disorder, Personality Disorders, Adjustment and stress related disorders, Psychosis,etc are prevalent in the community. Untreated mental health problems can worsen over time and further lead to problems in education, job, family and social functioning. 
  • Mental Stress can frequently precipitate and worsen medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension,obesity, cardiac illness, etc. Early detection leads to better outcomes. 
  • Nowadays with such wonderful advances in psychiatry and psychotherapy, a positive mental health must be a goal for all! Consulting a mental health professional can be a positive step towards a better solution for the emotional and behavioural problems that one is facing!
  •  A Psychiatrist will clinically interview you, suggest some psychological assessments and medical assessments if perceived necessary and will provide you guidance regarding your problems in terms of psychotherapy, counselling and psycho-pharmacological interventions available as per clinical expertise. Each one must make their mental health a top priority! 

If you or your near and dear ones show features of excessive stress, anger outbursts, anxiety, fear, sadness, panic, depression,negative thoughts, difficulty in concentration, impulsivity, addictions, recent change in behaviour, difficulty in falling asleep, disturbed sleep or sleeping excessively, eating extremely less or eating excessively associated with stress, significant weight loss or weight gain associated with problems in eating, etc; kindly consult a mental health professional at the earliest!