It was a long time ago that certain things like Back Pain were associated only with old age or some sort of accident. But now, the changing lifestyle of the current generation has lead to a certain outspread of conditions like back pain.

Almost every third person you meet complains of back pain. Wait! Are you that third person too? Do you often complain of back pain? If yes, you need to read this. Know more about your back pain to find a more suitable treatment for it. Your doctor will also be able to help you better if you know certain things about your back pain.

Back pain can be divided into two categories:

Acute back pain: The pain is generally caused by accidents, sudden fall, or even lifting something heavy all of a sudden. The pain might be really uncomfortable but it doesn’t last for long. Normally, some rest along with ice compression should be enough to treat it. You can also consult an Orthopedic Doctor for some pain killers and calcium supplements to recover quickly.

Chronic back pain: Your pain might not be intense but it is always there. If your back pain lasts for more than 3-4 months, we can call it chronic. It can be due to a previous accident but there can be other hidden causes for it too.

If you are one with chronic pain, you need to immediately consult an Orthopedic Doctor and get suggested x-rays and tests done in order to start the treatment and get rid of the pain. A chronic back pain might require prolonged medications, physiotherapy, or a combination of both.