When you hear the word STRESS you get a picture of a person suffering from Headache, Heartburn, Depression, Anxiety Tensed muscles, Frowned forehead, Sweaty palms and a person who gets irritated and angry with smallest of the thing in daily routine, for e.g. a traffic jam that makes him late to reach his destination.

Stress has become a National epidemic ,where you are racing around without destination and can't concentrate on many items of your monumental TO-DO LIST.

Although they say "You don't have time for a bubble bath, you can't justify the expense of a weekly massage, you wouldn't know how to begin meditation and have a healthy diet and exercise for health. You barely have time. Then Is There Hope For YOU?

YES...There Is!

A little self training on how to manage stress can solve more then half of your problems and help you lead a healthy stress managed life. Follow a healthy eating habit and do things those things, which are right, good and healthy for you.

To bring happiness in life from small things and to learn to love ourselves.

In the future articles we are gonna take a tour to help our selves know how to combat STRESS.