Premature Ejaculation happens when a male comes or ejaculates too soon at the time of having sex. It is the most common issue of ejaculation. Most of the experts prefer using the term ‘rapid ejaculation’.

How premature ejaculation can be defined?

Research among 600 couples found that the maximum ejaculation time was five and a half to six minutes after starting with intercourse. The guidelines globally define this issue as ejaculating on a regular basis with in a minute as you enter your partner. However, this entirely depends upon the couple to determine if the time is fine with them for ejaculation. If this problem leads to stress, then the problem should be discussed with an expert.

Premature Ejaculation types

There are mainly two types:

  • Primary: Where you always suffer from the issue
  • Secondary: Where the problem has started recently

The causes are mainly psychological like having an experience of traumatic sex at an early age. The secondary method can take place both by physical and psychological factors. Physical factors include a lot of alcohol intake and prostate gland inflammation.


If the issue takes place by the physical condition, doing the treatment with the underlying condition might help. A specialist can suggest you the possible treatments available. Treating this issue that has taken place because of psychological method scan prove to be challenging. However, most of the men who find the right type of treatment conceive soon.

When to see the doctor?

Make an appointment with a Sexologist if premature ejaculation is bothering you or your partner. The sexologist might ask if you were always suffering from this problem or it’s a new thing. He might ask about your relationship and sex life.