One common question that sexologists are asked by patients of erectile dysfunction is that “Can my wife get pregnant by me?” It may sound weird by many but those who face such problem at the time of having intercourse do feel that they are incapable to make his wife pregnant. But the science is different and even a man with erectile dysfunction can make a woman pregnant. On the other hand, a man with no such problem makes fail to establish pregnancy in the woman’s body. 

First, we need to understand what makes a woman pregnant with his partner’s child. It’s the role of the woman’s egg and male’s sperm which gives birth to the baby. Low sperm count can be one of the valid reasons for not having a pregnancy. A man with no erectile dysfunction problem can fail to fertilize the egg naturally if he is having low sperm or poor quality sperm. If we take up the case of a man with ED with good sperm count, then we can see that he will face difficulty in maintaining the erection longer to penetrate. In both cases getting pregnant by a woman by his man seems difficult. 

Science has now advanced a lot and pregnancy can be possible with artificial reproductive techniques. 

Even a good sexologist can help in improving the sperm count and ED condition for enjoying natural intercourse leading to pregnancy. You need to get in touch with one of the reputed sexologists of the city for guidance. After analyzing your case history he will recommend the right treatment and lifestyle changes to improve sperm count and period of erection. Following the instruction of a sexologist with excellent knowledge in such cases helped many men in enjoying a healthy and happy sexual life with their respective partners.