Dengue season is here again and in most parts of North India, the condition is quite dangerous. If you have symptoms of Dengue, it is important to consult a doctor and get the required tests done. But is it essential to get admitted to the Hospital if you have Dengue?

Not all patients of Dengue need to be admitted to the hospital. But if the Doctor deems it in favor of the patient, it is recommended to get admitted to get proper care as required for a speedy recovery.

Mostly, Doctors suggest admission under the following circumstances:

High Fever:

High fever is Dengue is one of the many danger signs. While medicines are prescribed for fever, expert care is recommended to make sure that there is 24×7 care of the patient. There are trained staff in hospitals who know which medicine should be given at what time and also what other care the patient needs.

No improvement:

If there is no improvement in the condition of the patient even after medications, Doctors might suggest them admitting to the hospital for better surveillance and treatment.

Condition of the patient:

If the fever was detected late and the condition of the patient is already worse, the Doctor might suggest emergency admission to make sure that the patient is alright.

Enlarged Liver:

If the liver is also enlarged, hospitalization is necessary for the best care. Other than these, your doctor can also suggest hospitalization if the body of the patient is pale if the patient bleeds if the limbs are cold, and other symptoms based on individuals.